Music and rythm
find their way into the secret
places of the soul

Serving you with our Virtual Studio

Samwisemusicis established by a team of certified, trained sound engineers and audio enthusiasts.  We offer On-site services such as orchestra band, choirs recording and mixing; Post-production services such as corporate jingles, music composing, short film sound effects and Voice over.  Lastly, we occasionally will run some workshops in town on audio production.

Currently, we are running our business online. Give our service a try and we strive to provide great experience to our customers.

Brand your company with a catchy tune.  We provide professional music composing and arranging for your corporate video and teaser. Done your short film but lacking of sound effects and forley?  Just pass your video to us and we will add that in for you to complete your masterpiece. You just perform, we will take care of your sound for you. Are you planning for a concert or a conference or event, book our live sound service to have a peace of mind.

We bring our recording services to you! Recording from bands, all the way up to orchestras, live at your venue of choice. This comes with our sound engineer and professional recording gear (complete with multi-tracking). Professional on-site mixing service for live band concert, classical and Jazz orchestra. Our sound engineers are trained professional and certified for this job. Adding visual to your music will help to engage, impact and transform your audience to a greater height for your music. We provide the visuals to accompany your performances to give your audiences an experience they will never forget.





Samwise Loh

Starting with a toy Casio keyboard, and later migrating to an Electone Organ at the age of 9. . .

Starting with a toy Casio keyboard, and later migrating to an Electone Organ at the age of 9, the ebony and ivory keys has become a passion for Samwise. To empty his piggy bank and use the money to purchase his very own keyboard (much to his father’s chagrin!) was one of the first indications of where his future would lie. Walking home from school, melodies and tunes would just play to his mind, which he would later record on his keyboard. Dad finally realized that music would always be a part of Wee Khee and became a strong supporter. In 1996, computer became his other love, which he pursued relentlessly by getting certification as an MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) and Autodesk Certified Technical Support. His fixation for keyboards, both on a musical instrument and on the computer, was finally merged in 2001 where he embarked on a Christian Music Ministry project. He produced 3 albums before going to the School of Recording Arts of Canada, Montréal, in 2006 to pursue a course in Music Recording and Production. In the freetime in the midst of his busy coursework schedule, from his home studio, Wee Khee had recorded, arranged and produced 6 songs in an album for Shaun Anderson. Unafraid to experiment and a love for a varied type of music, Wee Khee plays, arranges and even composes music in contemporary pop with a tinge of funky tang. And now his latest craze – world music interspersed with ethnicity. Experiencing FUN while dabbling with the KEYS is one of the reasons that has led Wee Khee, a devoted Christian, to be involved in the music and Internet Ministry for the local churches. He has worked freelance under the company SAMWISEMUSIC (, which provides corporate services such as corporate jingle composing and audio podcast making . Although it was a music industry related company, he bumped into customers that often requesting for web designing and marketing, that leads him to open SAMWISEDIGITAL to meet the needs of the local community to transform their business via social media marketing and technology.

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