Lianto & Samwise

Social Work @ Marais Village

In December 2015, we have made a special trip to the deep in of Sabah.  After whole day of journey, we have finally arrived the minority tribe village – Marais Village in the evening.

Marias Village

Although most of them are farmers,  they were talented in music composing.  We were there to produce their music on a social work basis.  We have managed to produce a song with our portable audio gear (Apogee Mic, Macbook and KORG Microstation).

Song Arranging Time @ Marais Village

Recording Session @ Village with Apogee MiC

The song “Kita Bersyukur” in the Youtube above is composed by the local people named Lianto and Oyo, music arranged, recorded, mixed and produced by Samwise right at the village house.   If you love the song, do give us a support note so that we can redirect it to them to encourage the locals there.

Farewell Time in early morning.