It’s our 7th anniversary.

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May 16th 2016 is Samwisemusic 7th anniversary.

Samwisemusic was born in 2009, started with a dream to increase our local audio production. From a dream and some little cash, it was on for business. It is a road less travelled yet filled with events and excitement. I remembered what reaction I got when they know my occupation. I believe those who are in the same line may echo with me. After 2 to 3 years working alone, a small team was formed. This road is not a road of merely business, but a road of friendship. We managed to know clients who were graduating students, church leaders, artists, and passionate singers.  We have tried to make a mark and a difference in this little island called Penang.

What is a success to you? A success can be as simple as seeing a smile from a client. I remembered one evening when we finished recorded one customer.  On his way out, he thanked us with a joyful face saying “Thanks for helping me to fulfil my dream.”

Once again thanks to all of you, who believed in us including my dear teammates who came along side. In this new start, we have brought in new services following the trends and needs around.  We are looking forward to serving you better in the future.  Thank you!

Samwise WK