Penang Georgetown Baptist Church

Happening in SAMWISEMUSIC Jan-Feb’16

How are you doing in this new year?  It is time for us to update you what we have been working on in this Jan-Feb 2016.  It has been indeed a new and exciting year for us.  Here below are some of the clients we work with this 2 months.

During Chinese New Year, A group of GBC artists and members come as a team to work with us on a meaningful song.  We had a great time working together.

Besides, we have Collette Donoghue all the way from Ireland and Yamada from Japan, collobrating on a song at our studio with our friendly and certified engineer Eric Ooi.  Collette Donoghue and Yamada enjoyed themselves at SAMWISEMUSIC.

Collette Donoghue and Yamada enjoyed themselves at SAMWISEMUSIC.


Collete Donoghue and Yamada are producing their music video.

Other than that, we have Samantha Jane Scully working hard with us in preparing her first instrumental album.  Here are just the little starting excitment we have for you.  Do stay tuned with us for more detail updates.

Artist Samantha Jane Scully @ Samwisemusic, producing her 1st instrumental album! Stay tuned!


Samantha Jane Scully worked with Eric our engineer Eric Ooi.


Samantha Jane Scully is discussing with our designer Warren Lee on artworks.